About Us

The Medical Cannabis Association is a Trade Association encompassing all facets of the medical cannabis community set up to self regulate the emerging medical cannabis industry.
How does the Medical Cannabis Association represent your interests?

We can offer the regulatory guidelines to local government struggling to enact fair legislation
Help to avoid diversion of cannabis grown for authorized patients.
Create guidelines for patients and caregivers to safely cultivate, transport, possess and utilize cannabis in all forms. Help understand how to enforce regulation consistently throughout the land.

Share the best practices on techniques of handling cannabis, from the cultivator to the patient, and promote recognizable standards to ensure quality controls are consistently met. Improved patient services and more identifiable safety protocols will result from the testing, standardization, cross-education and implementation industry wide.

Packaging and Labeling
Strain Classification
Potency and Dosing
Food Safety
Quality Assurance Programs
Community Outreach and Education

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